Unwrapping The Hive

Unwrapping The Hive

  • Above original 3D GIF created in Cinema 4D by Thoth
  • We danced on water for our prayformance yesterday. Was that a miracle? To us it was. The rains must have filled the tunnel full of water. My chores before we began was to drive us to the park, squeegee the tunnel at least till the lake was reduced to a puddle,… Yeshua and Sisyphus were with me today.
  • While I was squeegeeing the tunnel floor (a miserable task, to say the least), the load of toxic shit BH spewed from his mouth all over me as I sat in the car played through my head.
  • Did I mention that a dog had also vomited right where we play, having coughed up his morning breakfast of kibbles and bits right at the edge of the muddy lake. Yuck! Cleaned that up too. What I do for prayformance!
  • One time in the Angel Tunnel, some homeless guy dumped a 15 gallon bag of all his shit – literally feces poop – which he appeared to have been collecting for days, weeks, or whatever, right on the spot where I set up my prayformance altar. (Was this personal?) I cleaned that up too with paper towels from the bathroom while holding my breath. Dominic, another musician, thought I was crazy. The stench from this man’s deposit lasted for more than a week.
  • Did I ever tell you about the maggots that were falling on my head from a rotting pigeon right above me. And you thoht you knew everything about me?
  • Big day today . . . maybe. We’re playing in the park and at John Barlow’s memorial at the Fillmore. However, we thought last Sunday was going to be a big day. When we have to depend on a sound person to shape our sound, anything can happen – hasn’t been good yet, but let me try to stay positive.
Is that you John Perry Barlow?

Is that you John Perry Barlow?

  • We are mystified by the series of events that now entwine us with The Grateful Dead and Deadheads en masse. One of these days I’ll take you through the timeline. Most important is the unphotoshopped, in the moment photograph of Lila and I (to the right) playing at John Perry Barlow’s wake and what appears to be his spirit energy floating between us. No, the sun is setting in the front room.
  • As I spoke of before: the day he died and lay in state below us, I felt like he was floating in and around us – in our space – all day. Very eerie!
  • High pressure again. Yay!

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