Deck Of Cards

Deck Of Cards

  • Above original 3D GIF created in Cinema 4D by Thoth
  • I’m lucky I slept. I am so tortured right now. Feeling alienated and uninspired. Now in a strange new place, I am even more uncomfortable.
  • The cat is sweet, however – quiet.
  • I’m not eating. I made a horrible dinner. Something in the cabinet was off so it ruined the marinade and thus the meal.
  • Is this what it is like for me to be insane? Had one of those recurring fits when I dozed at the computer last night. I thought I might have a bunch of fits today. So far nothing.
  • And looks like I lost another friend/acquaintance. Without many in the first place, the loss looms large.
  • I’m tired of all of you who say you “love us” or are “on our side” yet do not listen. You demand that we listen to your criticism and advice. Tons of you are giving advice all over the place (most of it stupid or tried), rare is a good listener. A giver of advice is an egoist; a caring person is a listener.
  • God I’m hating food! Nothing tastes good.
  • Practicing the opening of our new opera to debut it at Gold Hive.
  • I’m trying to be as offensive as possible. Those who remain after the offensive are truly fans and friends because they know . . . They know what? They know that I am offensive but they still like me. Some even like me for being offensive.

10 thoughts on “Deck Of Cards

  1. Bill

    That’s right! I fucking love you when you’re fuckin’ goddamn offensive you fuckin’ fuck!!

  2. Mike

    Being offensive is so far below the real you that it makes it tough to read.
    Your true self is not an offensive person by a long shot and many of the “criticisms” are not written with that in mind.
    If there a a few, so what- just ignore them because they’re not worthy of your time.
    My advice is to concentrate on the many positives that are in both of your lives, the travel, the crowds, the true fans and the love that you have for each other. That trumps the monetary angle in my amateurish book.
    With love,
    Mike R.

    1. thoth Post author

      I think I understand better why you are saying what you are saying, Mike. I don’t agree but that’s how it is.

    2. thoth Post author

      I disagree. I offend more people than you can ever imagine. Just the other day I offended this guy who gave me such a nasty look that if there were no laws he would have killed me right there. I used to feel “I am such a nice person why are you offended?” Now I feel, “Oh boo hoo you’re offended. Well I’m not going to put on pants just cause you’re offended. Let me offend you some more. Let me put on this bralette. How’s that?”

    3. thoth Post author

      Several suggestions:

        1. Perhaps you shouldn’t read my blog since it upsets you so much.
        2. Consider a different interpretation of what I am saying rather than having a knee jerk reaction to your subjective reading. I have noticed that your and my language rarely coincide and you appear to misunderstand or don’t understand a majority of the things I say or allude to.
        3. Show a bit of a sense of humor. Clearly you don’t recognize when I am writing with my tongue in my cheek. Such strong censorship to my humor is a bit off putting.
        4. Try not to tell me what to write about. It’s my blog and I can write about whatever I want. Deal with it or if you don’t like what I write, see #1. If you want to hear about a particular subject, ask me? Dialectic is much better than dictating to me. I love answering questions!
    4. Anthony

      Uh oh mike, you f’d up. Remember.. giving advice is not allowed. Just send $$$, but only if you DO NOT support the greed of others.

    1. thoth Post author

      Always the general public. When I write to you, I write a personal reply like this, or a personal email as I recently did.

  3. Mike Rotondi

    I got it Anthony, I just have to be reminded
    once in a while which my friend has done
    to me countless times.
    It’s no problem, we’ve been arguing for years.


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