Conic Fold

Conic Fold

  • Above original 3D GIF created in Cinema 4D by Thoth
  • Today a guitarist set up on us. We think he thought he only had to deal with Lila and underestimated her. Then I showed up from doing my pre-prayformance stuff. Even without me she would have overwhelmed him.
  • He claimed he was there first. What?
  • Even when someone is a beginner, we never set up on them.
  • Anyway he had to pack up and leave. He tried to play for a little while, during “Anya.”
  • Why do people do that? I’ve never seen this guy before. What is it? Thirty years – on and off – of playing this spot.
  • He had to deal with a lot of humble pie: we drowned him out and a huge crowd gathered to watch us.
  • Thank you John for bringing us water.

4 thoughts on “Conic Fold

  1. EBockler

    A question, if I may? You seem to pride yourself on not “owning” anything and yet you feel “ownership” of public and sometimes private performance spaces. As if you were the first to ever sing at Bethesda Terrace, which was built in the mid 1800’s. What does the comment “thirty years – on and off” mean? I’d say it’s mostly “off”? It is a public park. For ANYONE. You can’t have it both ways? It’s public space, we can sing. But at the same point it’s MY public space. Isn’t that a conflict???

    Blessings, anyway.

    1. thoth Post author

      My immediate reaction to your comment is anger. But, I will show restraint because apparently I have not made myself clear, and why should I take out my lack of clarity on you who are ignorant. Bethesda? What Bethesda? “Ownership”? and with quotation marks as if I said this? So as even you can see: you start off with misquotations and insolent statements, so why should I not respond in anger? Only a person who is up to no good begins a missive – either email or letter – to someone they don’t know with a question laced with allegations, vagaries and inaccuracies; in addition, trying to school them in the history of a beloved landmark. Thus, I infer from your rudeness that you are seeking a fight. But again: restraint.

      To correct you (again), I am a steward of all spaces I prayform in whether public or private and woe to any person like yourself who would or intends to do mischief in a space that I am stewarding either by drowning me out – or anyone else – equipped with the erroneous notion that being a public space your out-of-tune, amateur singing is justified whenever you feel like it. You must wait your turn just like the rest of us.

      Second: I have no “pride” – as you allege from your inability to read and your desire to insult – in lack of ownership, I just state it as fact. Being ego bound, pride is very wrapped up in something one has, rather than doesn’t. Thus, I would venture to rebut that you are far more prideful than I. So, your baited comment doesn’t make sense to me. But perhaps I am just quibbling.

      True, the tunnel in Golden Gate Park (which you seem to have confused with Bethesda Terrace and Promenade, dubbed by me “Angel Tunnel” – that I will claim rather than “the first to sing there” which I will not) is a public space, however tacit rules exist among performers to be respectful of the space as well as each other. For instance, if you chose to throw a bunch of trash on the floor, I would tell you to pick it up. If you didn’t because as you say “it is a public park. FOR ANYONE” (which, btw, is yelling. And had you had the temerity to yell at me while I was stewarding the Angel Tunnel, you would have left with your ears burning. For I doubt very much that you would have the power to out yell or out sing me.) I would pick up your trash while berating you to your face. I digress. To continue: One of the foremost rules between buskers using spaces worldwide is to respect those queued first or already set up to use a space. (In my case being one of the “famous” or “infamous” buskers – as you may view me – many performers are somewhat deferral to me, but I try not to abuse that honor.) Therefore, if I am set up to prayform and you quickly set up while I am drinking some water (as happened Sunday) and start singing, I will say politely and directly “I was set up to perform please wait till I finish” and volunteer an approximate time for finishing. However, if you ignore me or say something rude (which apparently someone like yourself would) then I will play over you, drown you out, and force you to abort your bad behavior by virtue of my better performance and louder instrument – meaning my voice. This is also the tacit law of public performance those with the better and louder show control public performance spaces. (I don’t mean those with the louder boombox, as you might try to add. Those people are just imbeciles. )

      Performing in public spaces ends up being a dog eat dog environment, you might not like it, but if you don’t, then don’t try singing over other performers otherwise you’ll get eaten. And I’ll defend my stewardship against all of you.

      Blessing to you


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