Ringed Nougat

Ringed Nougat

  • Above original 3D GIF created in Cinema 4D by Thoth
  • I feel reviled and hated. What did I do to earn this treatment. Am I so disgusting to you all – a misfit and alien mutant?
  • French Roast at Sacred Grounds Cafe. Then sitting at an outside table in a warm misty morning.
  • I missed my entries because of traveling from New Orleans to San Francisco.
  • Starting from the ground up again. How many times have I done that? Those who are successful creative artists must re-create themselves over and over.
  • I’m not reading so well right now. Patience is lacking.

5 thoughts on “Ringed Nougat

  1. Bill

    Well, welcome to the alien mutant club. I founded the fucking thing! Your membership card is in the fee-mail.


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