Linking Unlinking

  • Above original 3D GIF created in Cinema 4D by Thoth.
  • You’re a bully. No one has had the courage to call you on your bad behavior. That’s why you are so humiliated. And to shut you up because I am so much louder than you where others have to tolerate your excessive volubility. That must sting. Especially because of how much more stuff you have than I and how much you disrespect and hate me.
  • Beau Rivage. Yippee! The girl is so wonderful!
  • Here we are sitting, working, creating, looking at a view from our room in Beau Rivage. Sissie, my wife, and me. How different from being thrown out of your in-laws houses 1 week ago, right before New Year’s. Auspicious as a donkey’s corn.
  • I love my blog now. Much easier.
  • I’m having a lovely cocktail.
  • Thank you Sissie for giving us a safe house. Now I’d love you to tell your father (when he talks about me): I don’t want to hear anything about Thoth. If you want to say something to him, talk to him yourself – if you have the balls.
  • I love my wife!

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