Floral Dance

  • Above original 3D GIF created in Cinema 4D by Thoth
  • Sleep does not come easily for me right now.
  • I feel like we are being punished. All our venues were taken away from us last year.
  • If no one marketed, then pollution would be reduced by a significant amount.
  • Being fully creative while traveling is so difficult, but I’ll never stop trying.
  • I’m still yelling at you. What egoistic stupidity could cause you to say you are “a much better musician” than I, when you haven’t played music publicly for years. And to boast this at such an inopportune and vulnerable moment. I could have screamed you into a hole, but I was too sad. Yes, you hit me when I was down. How courageous of you.
  • How long will I write to you? My anger has not  been assuaged. I could trash you for hours, and then some.
  • New genres of music are always simple when they begin. Look at all of them. Baroque. Classical. Jazz. Rock and Roll. Simplicity is a good thing in music. When any form becomes too complex, it breaks down under the weight of its intellectuality.
  • I went into a market in Hattiesburg, Missus Peepee and lo and behold they had Kombucha ( a few flavors). Hattiesburg? H-burg? What? However, as I perused the dates of these mythic kombucha caps, I found that few were current. Most were dead on December 22nd 2017. Well, H-Burg has Kombucha but few drink it.
  • So many fat unhealthy people here in Hattiesburg.
  • Always upon landing in the USA after touring Europe, I find many more fat people than there. Some claim that fatness indicates wealth. Boy is that stupid!

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