Brainwashing Music

Everywhere I go I am inundated by loud, machine music. Almost all the environments that I frequent – supermarkets, fabric stores, sushi restaurants . . . broadcast it to their customers. Unaware of the irony of trying to sell or feed us something healthy, organic or whatever while pummeling our ears and bodies with inorganic and unhealthy sounds; the managers of these environments don’t even question what they are doing. Even at my temporary homes, I often can hear it through the walls. Some of our roommates haved played it often while working. To me it resembles the repetitive sounds coming from a factory manufacturing automobiles or computer parts or chocolate bars or . . .
People love dancing to it, or so they say. They claim to feel free, creative, expressive. Why don’t you dance to a metronome. It’s the same thing.
I shut this “music” out with a internal shout of “NO!”  I distrust the psychic messages subliminally encoded in the digital format of this unfeeling trash. I’d rather dance to the emotional fluctuations of my music, or the vicissitudes of the pounding surf, or the varying trickle of water in a mountain cave, or a bird singing it’s morning reverie on a delicate branch. At least I’m in touch with a life force, something real, something passionate.
This machine music intended or not is for brainwashing you and turning you all into machines.


4 thoughts on “Brainwashing Music

  1. Bill

    As we have discussed several times (Man!, that sounds like terse phraseology), it comes down to “soul” or “no soul.” Those with a soul look forward to the sound of the ocean pounding against the rocks, or the chirping of a bird, or, by the way, the sound of two beleaguered musicians acting, perhaps unwittingly, as the ambassadors of Creation itself. Those who undulate to plastic have no souls, just bodies that move when prompted.

    1. thoth Post author

      You keep us going Bill – in so many ways. We – I am so grateful to you. While so many have announced that they are our “biggest fans,” you don’t claim anything, you just are there, holding, supporting.
      Thank you!

  2. David Kolataze

    You are so right. And it’s sad. When I go to a wedding, I leave after the ceremony and cocktail hour. Walking into the DJ-controlled reception room is like going down to hell.


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