Making Money

Thoth speaks of the difference between “making money” and “money coming to you.”

You love money. Everyone does. I love money too, but not like you. Money comes to me through doing something I adore – my bliss. Whereas you make money doing work you hate or dislike. In fact, if you could make the same amount of money a different way, you would stop doing what you are doing instantly. I will never stop. I don’t want to stop, even at death. No retirement. Retirement is for moneymakers. I am not a moneymaker.

I would also say that we speak of money differently. You say: “I make money.” I say: “Money comes to me.” Your way is much more invasive, violent, coercive whereas mine is gentle, peaceful, graceful, full of magic. In addition I would say that by making money, you injure others –  animals,  the environment, even the very people to whom you sell your merchandise, since subliminally knitted into the structure of your moneymaking scheme is a greedy malicious intent. Many of you even try to undermine the efforts of others – who may be creating a better product and with a kinder intent than you – to get money; you mislead us about your merchandise through pushing pompous advertisement and lies on us. I do none of that. I just give of myself from my deepest heart. And without asking or demanding anything of you, your heart, moved, plucks out a pound or euro or dollar to recompense me for that evanescent chord of emotion between us that honors our telepathic connection.

You ask, “How can I be more blissful?” I say, “Stop profiting from the misery of others. Be humble. Be honest. Devotionally seek out who you truly are. And by seeking, you will perforce find your bliss.”

5 thoughts on “Making Money

  1. Tom Geller

    Dearest, I don’t know who the “you” is in this writing. There’s an awful lot of presumption happening.

    1. thoth Post author

      If the you fits wear it, otherwise you should let the “you” pass over you. 🙂
      What a surprise! I’ve been recently thinking about you. I’ll write you an email. Didn’t even think you looked at my blog.

  2. Bill

    I had a dream the other night about you and Lila. It was a nice dream, and since I believe dreams have significance, I figured it was telling me something. The dream was telling me to quit being closed off. I hope everything is going alright with you guys.

    And Amen to the money blog.


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