Hudo Ti

“Jesus” is a swear word. It is a majorly disturbing sound to my musical and sensitive ears. Whenever I hear the word, someone is upset with something. Stub your toe? Jesus! Someone cuts you off on the freeway? Jesus! Your significant other does something stupid? Jesus! I do it too! I’ve been trying to stop but it works too well.
The reason “Jesus” is perfect as a curse word is because of it’s sibilant sound, two of them in fact. And if you exaggerate them a lot, you sound like you’re hissing. Try it!
Most of you are quite aware (or maybe you’re not) that a hissing sound is attributed to all animals and beings who are upset with something. Before a fight two cats hiss. A snake about to strike hisses. Even machines hiss if they are failing mechanically.
In the old testament, Satan in the shape of a snake tempts Eve, causing she and Adam to be thrown out of Eden. Did the snake say Jesus when offering the apple for consumption? Probably.
When I speak of the mystical philosopher of spirituality and natural science who lived 2 millennia ago, I call him Yeshua. Now that I can truly sing.

5 thoughts on “Hudo Ti

  1. Lisa

    The “s” word is a much more satisfying hiss to me, and one can really relish dragging that one syllable out. But you’re right – profanity’s not exactly a spectator show. I don’t say “Jesus” because I am not a Christian and don’t consider it respectful for me to do so. But that luxurious S is the first consonant on my tongue when I awaken in the morning to hit my alarm…working on that habit!

  2. Mary, NYer

    Hola Thoth –

    I used to see you give prayformances in Central Park, NYC, in that grand place opposite Bethesda Fountain, underneath the stairs. (Dunno exactly what it’s called.)

    I thought of you, looked you up, and see that you are living in Europe, blogging, and you’re OK.

    In one of your posts you sounded a bit bleak and wondered if anyone was listening. I AM !!!! I find your writings inspirational, funny, and educational.


    1. David Kolataze

      I agree with Mary. Your blogs are inspirational, funny and educational. Please blog more often.

      Thank you.



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