13 thoughts on “New CD “Esh and Ee-ay” Now Available For Download

  1. Mike R.

    The new music sounds so good and I’m looking forward to hearing and having the whole CD.
    Good luck with your new undertaking, I’m sure it will be a big hit with all your fans.
    Love to both you and Lila,
    Mike R.

  2. Lori Lobnitz

    Can’t wait for the opportunity to experience your new CD. The couple pieces I heard were exquisite and beautiful. I’d love to understand and know the story of this opera. What does it mean when you touch the ground at the conclusion? It’s awesome and feels like the right ending to the piece, yet I don’t know why. Within myself I feel satisfied, lifted-up and blessed after your prayformances. To you and Lila, a heartfelt, huge Thank You!

    1. thoth Post author

      Touching the ground is my way of acknowledging completion of the blessing of our music in the space or venue we are performing in. It is also my method of returning from dreamtime which is what it feels like when I perform.

      1. Lori

        Thank you for answering my question, Thoth. How wonderful to be in dreamtime while awake (sort of awake). Touching the ground transitions you from one place to another. So awesome to know, thank you!

        Wishing you and Lila day-after-day of sacredness, beauty, creativity, love and joy.

  3. Bill

    I’m just gonna shut the F up and let Samuel Taylor Coleridge do the talkin’ :

    “What if you slept?

    What if you slept
    And what if
    In your sleep
    You dreamed
    And what if
    In your dream
    You went to heaven
    And there plucked a strange and beautiful flower
    And what if
    When you awoke
    You had that flower in you hand
    Ah, what then?”

    It’s in your hand!

  4. edd hurt

    Kudos on your new music. I’ve listened to it all the way thru and appreciate the effort that went into making it. Good stuff. I hope someone will take up your story and write about it. Keep on keepin’ on. –eh

  5. Bill

    I’ve just listened to Esh and Ee-Ay (again). Your voice on the CD, just as the voice I hear from you when I visit you guys live, is the voice I would have in my head as I stood alone, sword in hand, facing an attack from a brigade of Attila’s horse soldiers.

    Your voice inspires bravery, plain and simple.

  6. Bill

    And since LA has no spot on her blog for direct comment on the new CD, I’ll say it here. Her voice on Esh and Ea-Ay, just as when I see you guys in person, makes me feel like a wounded bird, shivering, shaking, scared and lonely, cowering in a filthy nest, that suddenly finds the power to launch into the sky and soar more gracefully than the most agile bald eagle through the ice-blue clouds, far way from the pain of the world and his own circumstances.


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